Two Brothers,
One Mission

Growing food to nurture hundreds of millions of people from all walks of life—without harming the planet they call home.

Efficiency At Scale

Our technology virtually eliminates the environmental impact of agriculture. Designed with sustainability in mind, Willo’s crops are grown in a 100% controlled environment. Our farms can grow anywhere on the planet all year round.
aeroponic farm
Our advanced aeroponics system reduces the use of water by 99%.
grow more
Our farms can grow 250x more plants per acre, anywhere.
topsoil preserving
Our unique growth platform eliminates the use and abuse of precious topsoil.
sustainable packaging
Our packaging is designed to be recyclable and compostable.

“Willo wants to push people to adopt healthier eating habits”

“If you’re looking for a greens experience that is truly exceptional, Willo is for you”

"[This] new technology startup is taking San Jose back to its roots"

"This operation grows the best greens I've ever had. And I've had a lot."

Fast Company
silicon valley business journal

Our Founders

Samuel and John Bertram were looking to use their degrees in robotics and advanced engineering to make a lasting difference in the world.

They came across an unsettling fact: 1.1 billion people began this millennium hungry. Unable to shake the weight of those words, their path was suddenly clear. OnePointOne was born as the technological backbone behind Willo.

Together they set out to transform the world’s oldest and most essential industry – agriculture.

Benefits Of Aeroponics

Aeroponics takes the best of hydroponics and expands it further with greater water savings, energy efficiency, and ample root zone control for accelerated growth.
Rapid aeroponic growth
No pesticides
No herbicides
Automated process
Reduced plant stress
Vulnerable to outages
Waterborne diseases
Less eco-friendly
High labor requirements
Plants are easily stressed

B.Y.O.B (Build Your Own Box)

As a Willo member you will receive produce from the most advanced vertical farm.
Design your crop selection
As a member, you're in control of the flavors you love.
Monitor your crops' growth
See what your plants look like at varying stages of growth.
Chef’s Recipes
Access chef-designed recipes exclusively available to members.
Personalized recommendations
Receive personalized suggestions for new crops and flavor pairings.

Our Team

The journey ahead will be long and challenging, but we are not on it alone. Our vision has captured the imagination of highly-respected investors—from the brightest minds in tech to the biggest names in tennis.

We have been fortunate enough to build a brilliant team of people who bring experience from companies like SpaceX, Cisco, and Starbucks and more. We are thankful to those whose counsel and commitment are helping us lead the way.
Alon Moritz
Daniel Pack
SVP of Product Engineering
Samantha Moritz
VP of Sales & Marketing
Anna-Kate Bultema
VP of Operations
Sarah Chilcoat
Director of Enterprise Systems
Ryan Lissner
Director of Business Development
Cassidy Bryson
Member Experience Manager
Nadia Bryan
Events Manager
Katelyn Lee
Sr. Brand Specialist
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Vertical farming is a revolution in agriculture where plants are grown inside a completely controlled environment. Willo's vertical farming technology is powered by OnePointOne, a leader in this space.