by Willo team

The copper state goes green

January 15, 2022

Willo started out as an idea – what if we could provide the purest produce on the planet with the highest nutritional value possible, directly to the consumer’s door? 

After years of research and innovation in proprietary vertical farming technology, our idea has become a reality. In a few short months, Willo will be opening our state-of-the-art farm in Avondale, Arizona – a city known for its agricultural heritage and high-tech future. Our farm will expand 10 times the size of our first facility in San Jose and revolutionize the way we supply and consume produce. Our top priority is to cultivate the most pristine produce possible while minimizing environmental impact. Willo grows its crops with 99% less water and zero pesticides or herbicides. The result is flawless produce that lasts 3x the average shelf life of typical produce on the market. 

OnePointOne, the technology backbone of Willo, is dedicated to continued acceleration in the vertical farming arena. Our San Jose Farm, the first of its kind to be built in May 2020, will remain open as a research and development hub. OnePointOne has gathered top experts from companies such as NASA and SpaceX focused on pioneering technology to grow medicines and vaccines required to cure diseases, expanding our crop variety and phenotyping capabilities, and studying new methods of personalized vertical farming to best serve you. 

We look forward to a world in which everyone has access to Willo’s fresh, nutritious produce, no matter where they live.



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Vertical farming is a revolution in agriculture where plants are grown inside a completely controlled environment. Willo's vertical farming technology is powered by OnePointOne, a leader in this space.