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Lead Farm Technician 1 – Fertigation

Plant Science | Avondale, Arizona - USA

The primary responsibility of this position is to operate and provide general upkeep of OPO fertigation system (aka Fluidics Skids) including:

  • Daily operational inspection and adjustment
  • Daily nutrient adjustment per the crop plan set points
  • Regular cleaning and sanitation of fertigation system

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Daily mechanical inspection of the fertigation skid and visible equipment.
  • Minor daily mechanical adjustment of the fertigation system to maintain performance specs (tighten fittings, adjust pressure, etc).
  • Use test devices or titration kits to measure fertigation nutrient levels.
  • Measure nutrients to adjust daily fertigation rate (handle chemicals).
  • Document daily inspection findings and corrective actions, create work tickets as needed.
  • Perform routine maintenance of fertigation system – filter clean/change, backflush, etc.
  • Perform routine sanitation of fertigation system using CIP equipment.
  • Operate board washing equipment to clean boards after harvest.
  • Operate powered hedge trimmer and other harvest equipment to harvest leafy greens and herbs.
  • Assist with HVAC maintenance such as using a ladder to change air filters.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Position Requirements

  • High school diploma, college degree in Agriculture or Plant Science preferred.
  • Plumbing, basic carpentry, basic algebra, Excel/Google sheets, calculate dilution ratios.
  • Plumbing, basic plant nutrition, how to read a fertilizer label, good chemical handling practices, basic food safety practices.
  • Experience with water handling systems such as landscape irrigation, aquariums, etc.
  • Experience handling and mixing chemicals such as fertilizers, animal medications, pest control chemicals, etc.
  • Experience as a technician.
  • Ability to multitask and liaise with professionals in different fields.
  • Ability to explain problems simply and clearly.
  • Ability to understand verbal and written instructions.
  • Ability to follow health and safety regulations.
  • Excellent mathematical and problem-solving skills.
  • Bilingual skills preferred.
  • Must not be colorblind.

Positional Competencies

Collaboration | Listening Skills | Teamwork | Leadership | Situational Awareness | Problem Analysis | Attention to Detail | Ability to Learn and Follow Directive
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Comprehensive Benefits Package

We believe that the happiness and wellbeing of our employees unlocks the potential for productivity and innovation.
  • Holidays – 8 holidays observed annually
  • Flexible Time Off for Regular, Full-Time Staff program under which eligible employees may decide when and how much time to take off from work
  • Paid Sick Leave for Regular, Full-Time Staff 5 days/year, annual grant on Jan 1st
  • Medical & Dental Benefits
  • Stock Option
  • Wellness programs
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