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Willo is the world’s first AI-powered vertical farm share that is rethinking the way plants are grown and consumed. Reserve your membership with a $100 initiation fee and receive a Welcome Harvest Box to experience a taste of what’s to come. The initiation fee will reserve your space in our new farm launching in early 2022 and guarantee access to our exceptional plants of the utmost purity, taste and nutrient density.

How it works

1 Reserve your space

Space is going fast – sign up today with a $100 initiation fee and you’ll receive a Welcome Harvest Box to enjoy.

2 Select your plan

Prior to launch, you will be asked to select your membership plan. We offer two plans to fit your needs and appetite.

3 Enjoy your harvest

Select and monitor your crops with our upcoming mobile app and enjoy perfectly clean, nutritious and delicious produce delivered to your door.

San Jose, CA

Delivering fall 2021
Sold Out

Phoenix, AZ

Delivering spring 2022
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Membership plans

Two sizes to fit your needs. Delivery and superior taste included.

Harvest for 2

Contains 23 cups of greens, equivalent to 20 side salads.
$99 per delivery
Delivered every other week

Harvest for 4

Contains 48 cups of greens, equivalent to 42 side salads.
$198 per delivery
Delivered every other week

The Harvest Box: What’s inside

Your Welcome Harvest Box will give you a taste of what Willo produce is all about—superior, clean and delicious. Whether you’re feeding two or feeding more, there’s plenty of greens in each. Crops will vary based on member selection.
Sample crop selection
Toscano Kale Spinach Savanna
Genovese Basil Pea Shoots Protein Crunch
Onion Chives Cilantro Malibu Blend
Non-Gmo Produce
No Pesticides
No Herbicides
No Need to Wash
Vertically Farmed
No Harmful Chemicals

You’re in control

Willo is the only vertical farming experience that gives you a connection to and control over your crops every step of the way. Our beautiful mobile app puts the power of the most vertical farm on the planet in your pocket. You’ll be able to customize and monitor your crops, access personalized recommendations and recipes, manage your deliveries and more.

Becoming a member is simple.
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Our technology is transforming the environmental impact of agriculture and changing our relationship with plants, nutrients and the planet. Join us in revolutionizing the way we feed and fuel humanity.
Willo will be servicing and delivering to most major metropolitan areas across the country. Space is limited.

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“…The sample was so amazing and please know I'm not crazy but I started feeling good."
Patty Subick
"I am so impressed by the quality and richness of your produce. It was just fabulous.”
Gaye Clemson
"It was truly incredibly delicious and savory. Unlike anything I have ever had."
Anissa Williams
"Life changing farm-to-kitchen innovation. The healthiest, most sustainable, innovative addition…"
Leya Kaufmom
"A really big reason why I love Willo is they use 99% less land and water than industrial agriculture.”
Samah Dada
Vertical farming is a revolution in agriculture where plants are grown inside a completely controlled environment. Willo's vertical farming technology is powered by OnePointOne, a leader in this space.