Welcome Lotusland Patrons. Explore our farm before you bid. Welcome Lotusland Patrons. Explore and bid.

Your plants

Produce so clean even organic can’t compare.

Everything we grow begins exclusively with a non-GMO seed.

Each plant receives the perfect mixture of elements to maximize taste and nutrient density.

This mix means we never use pesticides, herbicides or harmful chemicals of any kind.

The system also eliminates exposure to heavy metals and other harmful toxins in the soil.

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Your planet

A process designed to deliver sustainability.

Our advanced aeroponics system is so efficient it reduces the use of water by 99%.

Our unique growth platform eliminates the use and abuse of precious topsoil.

Our farm can grow 250x more plants per acre—year-round, anywhere, in any climate.

Our packaging is designed with recyclable and compostable solutions.