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Our Offerings

Toscano Kale

Light, crisp and clean—our flagship green is unlike any kale you've tasted before. Nutrient-dense, delicious and delightful.

Excellent source of Vitamin C.
Good source of Vitamin B6, Potassium and Calcium.

Mizuna Red

A mildly spicy leaf with a distinctive look. This Japanese mustard green works great with pasta, salads and ancient grains.

Excellent source of Vitamins A & C.
A good source for the antioxidant Glucosinolate.


This sweet spinach blend’s origins date back to the 1700s in Tokyo. Sauté some with shallot and a pinch of chile or try it in your favorite soup.

Excellent source of Vitamins A & C.
Good source of Fiber, Calcium and 3g of Protein.


A bright, tender and beautiful green that's packed with flavor followed by a pleasant bite. This natural hybrid can easily find its way into many dishes.

Excellent source of Potassium & Folate.
Good source of Vitamin E.


One taste of these sweet turnip greens will show you why this member of the brassica family is celebrated for its delicious and versatile leaves.

Excellent for Vitamins A & C.
Good source of Fiber. Delivers Magnesium, B6, Calcium & Potassium.

“Those greens were incredible! I have the Sardinia Blend tonight and I don’t know how I can live without it anymore.”

Monica Castillo,

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Joi Choi

This unique vegetable is delicious in many different ways—sautéed, pickled, shredded in Asian fusion or simply grilled with sea salt and cracked pepper.

Good source of Calcium. High in Vitamins A & C.

Genovese Basil

This fine herb is amazing and approachable with incredible shelf life. Grown with seeds from Italy’s famous Liguria region, never before has basil this balanced and fresh been in your hands.

Excellent source of Iron, Vitamins A & K.

Onion Microgreens

These tiny super-powered greens add a delicious splash of flavor and a huge dose of nutrients. Toss them in to help elevate just about any dish.

Good source of Vitamins, A, B, C & E—along with Calcium, Iron & Zinc.

Protein Crunch

This rainbow of assorted sprouted beans packs a colorful punch of protein and fiber. This vegan source of good fat is a great addition to smoothies, soups, salads and tacos.

35 grams of protein per cup with B-6, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium.

Lacy Endive

This vibrant green member of the chicory family features a uniform pleated leaf and a pleasant taste, unlike the bitter yellow endives found in your typical produce aisle.

Excellent source of Fiber.
Good source of Vitamins C & K.

Sardinia Blend

This mixture of mizuna, baby kale and pea shoots is a perfectly balanced base for your most sensational salad. Crisp and clean like the Mediterranean air.

Good source of Vitamins B6 & A, Potassium and Calcium.