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Willo FAQs

At Willo, we are committed to transparency. It’s a core value, not a catch phrase. Explore some of the more common questions that have come up along the way. Or Contact Us with anything else that might be on your mind.
How much Willo Produce comes in my Harvest Box delivery?
A lot depends on how you choose to configure your farm. Each crop naturally has a different yield and weight. Each Harvest Box delivers around 15-20 servings, which should be a good amount of greens to feed two people for one week--depending on their diet.
Is any of your produce GMO?
No. Never. All of Willo’s produce is Non-GMO. Our seeds are only of the highest purity standards, period. The secret to our amazing produce, nutrient-density, delicious taste and extended shelf-life is in the total control over our growing environment for from seed to harvest.
How does your soil-free process impact the natural microbiomes in the plants?
Our growing process is focused on purity without sterility. That’s to say, eliminating harmful elements often found in soil, like heavy metals, chemical residues and other pathogens, while enhancing the nutrient delivery and health benefits of the plant. Our soil-free system creates a healthy environment where beneficial organisms can thrive, in and on, the plants themselves. Our aeroponics system and advanced proprietary technology enables us to cultivate far superior product, that when added to one’s diet promotes healthy gut prebiotics and probiotics.
Is Willo’s product “Certified Organic”?
Our vertical farming process doesn’t use any soil. Soil has historically been required for Organic certification. So, the short answer is “no.” But the truth is our standards for cleanliness are much higher than “Certified Organic.” Did you know 25 synthetic pesticides are approved for use in “Organic” produce? Willo promises you zero pesticides, herbicides or harmful chemicals of any kind—while our advanced aeroponics delivers rich nutrients without exposure to heavy metals.
Do you sell your produce in any stores, I’d like to try it?
Willo is only available direct-to-consumer. A shorter supply chain is better for your produce and our planet. We are committed to ensuring the quality and freshness of every product we deliver. But we understand that tasting is believing. That’s why we welcome every new Willo member with a sample Harvest Box. If you don’t think it lives up to the promise, you are free to cancel your commitment for a full refund. No questions asked.
What makes Willo different from other vertically farmed produce?
Sure, there may be other vertically farmed produce, but there are no other experiences that even come close to Willo. Only Willo gives you a connection to and control over your crops every step of the way. Our technology puts the power of the most advanced vertical farm on the planet in your pocket. Our crop offerings are unlike anything else you'll find on the market. And our white-glove delivery service brings it all straight to your front door.
What types of crop offerings can we expect in the future?
Our crop list is growing far beyond leafy greens, microgreens and sprouted beans. There will always be some produce varieties that just won’t make sense vertically farmed. Even so, there are still hundreds of exciting offerings we’re looking at cultivating and perfecting in time. Imagine the most perfect tomato you’ve ever eaten, grown in the dead of winter and delivered to your doorstep mere days after it’s been harvested. Remember the taste of that fresh lemon basil you had on that trip to Thailand, and every other noodle dish has paled by comparison since—how would you like a fresh supply always in your kitchen? Picture a super kale that delivers an amazing supply of 4 vitamins and minerals in a single serving and tastes unbelievably delicious while doing it. And that’s just the beginning.
When does my “Membership” period officially begin?
Your membership period officially begins when you plant your first crops, and it lasts for the agreed upon commitment period. Once you’ve reserved your farm, you are welcome to participate in exclusive Member Events and will have access to all the applicable Willo benefits.
What happens if I want to “pause” my membership?
We find from time-to-time Members request to put a pause on their Willo shipments. Vacations get planned. Life happens. And we understand. For those planned occasions, you can pause your shipments before planting your crops. You can set that pause for up to 3 months. During that period, you won’t be charged for shipments. However, those missed shipments won’t count towards your agreed upon commitment period.
What if I am “suddenly” not going to be there for my shipment?
We know the unexpected tends to happen too. Last-minute business trips. Family emergencies. You name it. In those unplanned instances, after your crops have been planted, you have two options. You may choose to ship your Harvest Box to another address within our delivery area (maybe a friend or family member), or you can choose to donate your Harvest Box to a local charity of our choosing. We do our best to accommodate all these unique situations as easily as possible.
What if I want to cancel my Willo Membership?
We are committed to creating an exceptional experience for all our Willo Members. Your complete satisfaction in our produce and program is paramount to that success. Still, things happen. When they do, we will work to make things right to the best of our abilities. If we fail to meet your expectations, you are free to cancel your membership by contacting our Member Care Team. Due to the nature of our farm and harvest schedule, we request a 30-day notice prior to cancellation.
How does vertical farming make a difference?
Farming is one of the most long-standing and essential industries in human history. Unfortunately, it is also one of the slowest to adapt. The climate is changing, and the shape of the global population has transformed. Traditional agriculture still saps 70% of the world's freshwater supply, and the supply chain has created a scenario where your fresh food can travel around the world before getting to your store shelves. Never before has an industry been in such dire need of disruption—to feed a growing population and save the planet. Our cultivation platform is the first step towards a sustainable solution to the world's biggest problem.
Feeding the world is an admirable mission, but what does that path really look like?
It's not going to happen overnight. But the path is clear. The process we've developed today wasn't even possible ten years ago. Meanwhile, all the trends are bending towards a more scalable and affordable technology in the not-so-distant future. Tomorrow won't be here soon enough. Until it arrives, we are actively partnering with local and national charities to help make an impact today. Built within our membership model is a monthly donation per member to help fight food insecurity and malnutrition in the present day. Still, the goal is perfectly clear and plenty big, building the technology to feed and nurture over 1.1 billion people efficiently and affordably.
What materials are used in shipping my produce to me?
No conversation about food is complete without mentioning the industry's dependency on petroleum-based packaging. Every Willo shipment is designed to deliver pristine produce in an environmentally responsible manner. We are currently utilizing eco-friendly clamshells, bags and ice packs, all while striving to minimize our environmental impact in any way possible. We are committed to continuously looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.