Beyond Organic

Willo is a monthly subscription that lets you build your own farm, choose your own crops, and grow the safest, tastiest and most nutritious produce – delivered from our farm to your door. 

Willo grows indoors in a 100% controlled environment, enabling our plants to thrive. By eliminating the risks of outdoor farming or contaminants in the supply chain, Willo guarantees superior taste, safety and nutrient density with touchless delivery. 

“Organic foods have pesticides and heavy metals. Willo never will.

Sam Bertram  |  CEO, Co-Founder

Willo’s Promise

Never Pesticides

Never Heavy Metals

Never Contamination

Superior Quality

Superior Freshness

How Willo Works

1. Sign up

Reserve your own “farm plot” and choose the plan that’s right for you

2. Design

Configure your portion of Willo’s Farm to grow your favorite produce

3. Deliver

Enjoy touchless delivery to your home or business

Tasting is Believing

The purest produce. Michelin quality. Harvest-to-home freshness.

Baby Kale

Protein Crunch

Micro Greens


“I care about feeding my family the safest, healthiest food possible. Willo makes it easy.”

Kate  |  Gilroy, CA

Choose Your Plan

Experience Willo

Our Welcome Kit includes five 5 oz. kits of our produce, including: kale, mizuna, protein crunch (sprouted beans), pea shoots and mixed salad kit. 

Build Your Farm

As a monthly subscriber, you get your own personal farm and the freedom to select and grow the crops you want, in your five weekly packages, delivered to your door.

Control Your Farm

Willo will constantly be adding new, fresh crops and mixes, so you can keep customizing your farm as you like.

Welcome Kit

Try Willo

5 KITS | Total

Delivery Included

$9.95 Kit | $49 Once

Healthy Couple

Monthly Subscription

10 KITS | Month

Bi-Monthly Delivery Included

$9.90 Kit | $99 Mo.

Healthy Family

Monthly Subscription

20 KITS | Month

Weekly Delivery Included

$7.45 Kit | $149 Mo.

Special Announcement

Due to popular demand, our welcome kits and subscription plans are temporarily sold out. We will be ramping up new deliveries by August. In the meantime, you can join our waitlist to secure your farm space. (You will not be billed until after your first delivery).