Your Farm, Your Food

Experience the digital control, and magic, of personalized food and farming


The Problem

More than ever, our food and supply chains are at risk. Even organic foods aren’t free of the harmful toxins, chemicals, and pathogens in our environment—or the disruptions in our supply chain. 
25 synthetic pesticides are approved for use in organic farming.
National Organic Standards Board
75,000+ lbs. of salad products were recalled because of E.coli in 2019

Take Control of Your Food

Willo redefines the entire farm to fork experience by making it easy to grow your favorite produce year-round, on your “personal plot” inside our vertical farm—with touchless delivery to your door.


Farmed from the ground up, and up, and up.

Willo’s crops are grown in a 100% controlled environment, resulting in the most pristine and perfect growing conditions possible.

Good for your health, and the planet.

Our aeroponic farms use 99% less land & water than conventional farms, and don’t put any harmful pesticides or heavy metals into the environment.

Beyond Organic

Willo is 100% free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals, and GMOs — a standard of quality that goes far beyond organic.

Our crops are harvested at just the right time for peak flavor and nutritional potency. When your delivery arrives, and you taste the food you’ve grown inside Willo’s pristine environment, we think you’ll agree: this is the way food was meant to be.


Advantage Willo

Willo Kale vs. Market Kale
23% + Protein
211% + Calcium
381% + Magnesium
23% + Zinc
33% + Potassium
62% –  Sodium


“In a comparison of Willo’s kale with common market kale, independent tests showed a significant difference in nutritional value.”


How Willo Works

Reserve Your Farm

Your one-time $500 down payment reserves your personal farm space in Willo's next farm

Choose Your Plan

Before delivery begins, you'll be able to choose the monthly plan that's right for you

Build Your Farm

Through our member platform, you can design your farm and add new crops or salad mixes when you like

Get It Delivered

In Summer 2021, you'll begin to receive your weekly harvest with touchless delivery to your door

“The future of food is personal farming.”

Jeff Bohnson | Culinary You


Our Next Farm

In Spring 2020, we launched our very first Farm, which reached full capacity in just a few short weeks. Now, as we're getting ready to build Willo's second Farm, we're accepting reservations. Due to the limited number of Plots available, reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

“My family adores Willo. It’s like having our own farm. We can grow our favorite produce year-round, with quality better than organic. And our kids love watching our crops grow!”


A Taste of What the Future Holds

Summer 2020

Willo extends invitations for its next farm

Fall 2020

Plans are finalized for our new facility

Winter 2020

Construction begins on our next farm

Spring 2021

The first wave of cultivars are planted

Summer 2021

Your first Willo harvest is delivered 


You’re Invited

We invite you to join the Willo community. Your one-time $500 down payment secures your personal farm space in Willo’s next farm.

Before Summer 2021, you’ll be invited to use Willo’s mobile app, where you’ll be able to choose your plan and build your own farm, including the crops you’d like to grow.

Your first delivery starts in Summer 2021. After the first 30 days, your subscription plan begins. And, as we continue to add new crops and specialty salad mixes, you’ll be able to make changes to your farm, as you like.

Join Willo today to experience the control, and magic, of personalized food and farming.


Coming to a City Near You

If you live outside of California, don’t despair. Our vision is to build Willo farms across the nation. If you’d like to see Willo come to your local community, drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.

Willo exists to promote human health by restoring our control, and connection, to our food—and to deliver on the promise of personalized farming and precision nutrition.