Willo Farm Holiday Reset $100


- One Willo Holiday Reset box (delivered during the month of January)

- Sustainably packaged health-boosting cultivars

- Invitation to a special Walking in a Willo Wonderland event

- A beautiful personalized holiday card for the recipient

- Recipe cards for inspiration on how to use your Willo greens


Give the gift of wellness this season with the Willo Holiday Reset. This limited edition gift set provides the recipient with a variety of sustainably grown, better-than-organic greens. Our Holiday Reset offers a delicious start to the New Year, helping to “reset” nutrition goals after an indulgent holiday season. A purchase of the Holiday Reset will provide your gift recipient with one box of carefully selected cultivars delivered right to their doorstep in January, along with a personalized holiday card and recipe cards for the produce. Additionally, both the giftor and giftee will receive invitations to participate in a special event, “Walking in a Willo Wonderland”.

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From Our Comunity

Patty, members since 2020


“Willo Farm is such a unique and seamless experience. The food tasted amazing.”

Kathryn, member since 2022


"I am very excited to begin this wonderful life journey of optimal aeroponic nutrition!"

Jean, member since 2022


"Was amazed at how fresh the greens were compared to grocery store."

Gift Greens This Holiday Season

Baby Kale

Our baby kale is much more tender than mature varieties, and has a sweeter, milder flavor to boot.

Beta-carotene, Calcium, Zinc

Nufar Basil

With herbaceous flavor and a bright green color, Willo’s basil makes the perfect addition to any refreshment or dish.

Vitamin K, Calcium, Manganese

Radish Microgreens

These heart-shaped microgreens will give a kick to your salads, sandwiches, and wraps.

Vitamins C & B6, Folate, Potassium

Rosie Pak Choi

A vibrant red bok choi varietal that is as beautiful as it is delightful to eat.

Vitamins A, C, K & B6

Willo Farm

Non-Gmo Seeds

Willo Farm

No Pesticides

Willo Farm

No Herbicides

Willo Farm

No Need to Wash

Willo Farm

Vertically Farmed

Willo Farm

No Harmful Chemicals

Fast company

"Willo wants to push people to adopt healthier eating habits"


“If you’re looking for a greens experience that is truly exceptional, Willo is for you”

Sillicon Valley Business Journal

"[This] new technology startup is taking San Jose back to its roots"

Cap beauty

"This operation grows the best greens I've ever had. And I've had a lot."

Get a Taste of Tomorrow


Willo delivers produce grown in innovative vertical farms directly to its members through a subscription. Reserve one of the limited spaces in our new farm and guarantee access to our exceptional plants of the utmost purity, taste and nutrient density.


Everything we grow begins exclusively with a non-GMO seed. Because Willo crops are grown in a completely controlled environment, members enjoy the full experience of the food. Nuances in flavor, texture, and color burst through to create an unprecedented eating experience.


Willo is the only vertical farming experience that gives you a connection to and control over your crops every step of the way. With a membership, you'll be able to design and monitor your crop selection, access peronalized recommendations and recipes, manage your deliveries and more.


No. Never. All of Willo’s produce is non-GMO. Our seeds are only of the highest purity standards, period. The secret to our amazing produce, nutrient-density, delicious taste and extended shelf-life is in the total control over our growing environment from seed to harvest.

Our growing process is focused on purity without sterility. That’s to say, eliminating harmful elements often found in soil, like heavy metals, chemical residues and other pathogens, while enhancing the nutrient delivery and health benefits of the plant. Our soil-free system creates a healthy environment where beneficial organisms can thrive, in and on, the plants themselves. Our aeroponic system and advanced proprietary technology enables us to cultivate far superior product, that when added to one’s diet promotes healthy gut prebiotics and probiotics.

Our vertical farming process doesn’t use any soil. Soil has historically been required for organic certification. So, the short answer is “no”. But the truth is our standards for cleanliness are much higher than “Certified Organic”. Did you know 25 synthetic pesticides are approved for use in “organic” produce? Willo promises you zero pesticides, herbicides or harmful chemicals of any kind—while our advanced aeroponic system delivers rich nutrients without exposure to heavy metals.

Willo is currently only available direct-to-consumer locally around our Avondale, AZ farm (~500 miles). A shorter supply chain is better for your produce and our planet. We are committed to ensuring the quality and freshness of every box we deliver.

Sure, there may be other vertically farmed produce, but there are no other experiences that even come close to Willo. Only Willo gives you a connection to and control over your crops every step of the way. Our technology puts the power of the most advanced vertical farm on the planet in your pocket. Our crop offerings are unlike anything else you'll find on the market. And our complimentary delivery service brings it all straight to your front door.

Our crop list is growing far beyond leafy greens and microgreens. There will always be some produce varieties that just won’t make sense vertically farmed. Even so, there are still hundreds of exciting offerings we’re looking at cultivating and perfecting in time. Imagine the most perfect tomato you’ve ever eaten, grown in the dead of winter and delivered to your doorstep mere days after it’s been harvested. Remember the taste of that fresh lemon basil you had on that trip to Thailand, and every other noodle dish has paled by comparison since—how would you like a fresh supply always in your kitchen? Picture a super kale that delivers an amazing supply of 4 vitamins and minerals in a single serving and tastes unbelievably delicious while doing it. And that’s just the beginning.

Our greens stay fresh for 10-14 days. Most of our produce should be stored in a refrigerator, but we recommend keeping our basil on your counter at a comfortable room temperature.

We deliver to local communities around our Avondale, AZ farm. A shorter supply chain is better for your produce and our planet. Enter your zip code here to see if we deliver to your area.