Team member spotlight: Cassidy Bryson

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Dearest Willo Community,

I hope this article finds you poolside, soaking up some family time on your summer vacation. Or perhaps reading from the comfort of your couch, air conditioning on full blast, relaxing after a long work day. Whatever moment this message finds you in, I hope it finds you peaceful and well.

My name is Cassidy Bryson and I joined the Willo Farm team this July as their Member Experience Manager. I come to this  amazing team with over a decade of professional experience in customer success and a passion for crafting meaningful member journeys. On a personal level, I am a poet, a sister, an addict of overpriced skin care products. However, these days I spend much of my time working in my other personal role - the role of a new mom. My daughter, Evangeline, was born ten months ago. Becoming a mother has changed so much for me: from the food I prepare for my family, to the way I measure my time and my personal growth.

A few weeks ago, I took my baby to the pediatrician for a check-up. Fatigued and slightly desperate, I asked the doctor for his recommendations on improving the baby’s sleep and mood. Why wouldn’t she sleep through the night? Why was she so fussy? What was wrong? The doctor was unworried “It’s just growth!” He said, “She is just growing, that’s all. We all have to do it. And growing can be very tough!”

Growth is the change that elevates us. It is our evolution upward. It can be challenging, uncomfortable even. Yet it is so very necessary. 

Over the past few years, we have experienced tremendous growth at Willo Farm. Growth of our greens. Growth of our team. Growth in awareness for our mission. We are revolutionizing  agricultural industry practices and introducing a more sustainable and innovative approach to farming. We know this mission, this growth, might be challenging,  and we believe it is more critical now than ever. 

As a Willo member, you are an essential contributor to this mission. I look forward to all the wonderful growth we are about to do together.

See you soon. Be well.

Your friend,


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