Origin story: Willo’s Genovese Basil

Willo’s Genovese Basil has a story that begins in the mountain villages of northern Italy. David Kinch, a renowned 3-Michelin Star Chef based in the...

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A different kind of snack: the benefits of exercise

Exercising is the single most important thing we can do for our health. The term "exercise" can evoke negative emotions or associations, which is why...

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Q&A with private chef Monica Castillo

Tell us about your background. What drew you to becoming a chef?  I think I was destined to be involved in food before I even...

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Repost: Greens for good (The Thinking Cap)

Last summer we were honored to be featured in CAP Beauty’s The Thinking Cap, where the CAP Crew interviewed our co-founders Samuel and John Bertram....

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Strawberry and fresh ricotta crostini

About the recipe Ricotta is a staple in my fridge – there are so many ways to use it, from cakes, to pancakes to a...

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Fusilli pasta with rosie pak choi

About the recipe There is nothing better than recipes that you can make ahead of time to serve warm or at room temperature, especially now...

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Savanna brassica citrus salad

About the recipe I love playing with colors and textures when I cook, because it is true what they say: we eat with our eyes...

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Good morning green smoothie

About the recipe When you have kids, you come up with all sorts of ideas to ensure their growing bodies are getting enough greens. That...

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Avocado toast with petite coriander

About the recipe Who doesn’t love the versatility of an avocado toast? The possibilities and endless! For this recipe I wanted to let the coriander...

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