Perfect, vertically-farmed produce is waiting on your doorstep

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It’s no coincidence that the first thing that greets you when you walk into a grocery store is the produce section. It is a visually appealing element that awakens the senses with vibrant colors and fresh, airy scents ignited by an array of fruits and vegetables. Upon approach, one is immediately filled up with a sense of joy and empowerment: “Ah, yes! Look at me making healthy choices!” 

However, identifying high-quality produce requires a keen eye. There are many tricks that can be used to assess freshness: give your watermelon a good thump and listen for the one with the most hollow sound; pick the fruit that has the most give when you press on the navel; avoid the kale with yellow leaves… the list goes on and on. Before you know it, you have spent way too much time sifting through countless items in search of the perfect produce all the while with a befuddled look on your face.

Often, just a few short days after you bring your carefully selected produce home, you find these once crisp in texture and rich in fragrance goods have quickly spoiled before you had the chance to enjoy them all. You’re left with the questions: “Why can’t shopping for produce be easier?” and “Why do seemingly fresh fruits and veggies spoil so quickly?” 

At Willo, we bring convenience and value right to you. We supply consumers with the most perfect greens with 3x the average shelf life of what you would find at a grocery store. Our industry-leading vertical farms allow us complete control of the entire plant environment, and our produce is non-GMO and free from pesticides and herbicides. The result? Flawless, delicious crops that you can rely on, delivered straight to your door. 

We cultivate an assortment of delicious and unique greens, from staples such as tender, sweet baby kale to gorgeous savanna brassica, a natural hybrid between spinach and mustard greens. Only with Willo do you receive access to herbaceous Nufar basil all year round, or experience the taste of flawless, deep red Rosie pak choi. Our microgreens add valuable health-supporting components to your meals – from our aromatic onion microgreens to our flavorful, soap-taste-free coriander.

And we don’t plan on stopping at leafy greens. With our unprecedented technology, we are bringing the highest quality vertically-farmed strawberries to market and expanding into other small berries that can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world. Now you can experience fresh, deep red strawberries that stay beautiful from the moment you receive them to the moment you consume them.

This is the future of farming. This is Willo.

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